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Wherever you may wish to travel, GoTrekkers has the map and outdoor equipment for you. We offer you one of the world's best selection of more than 50,000 paper and digital maps along with an ever expanding range of outdoor equipment to help you along your way. We also strive to find environmentally friendly products that are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. So why not take advantage of our decades of map and outdoor expertise before your next trek!

GoTrekkers is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta

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Featured Items

Maps: Paper - Our paper map selection spans the globe! We have Canadian, Nepal, Mongolia, Mexico, South Africa topo maps, international travel maps, wall maps, and nautical maps.

Maps: Digital - Our Digital Topo Map collection covers North America, Canada, USA, Central America, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, South Africa, and Asia, Nepal, Mexico & Mongolia.

Map Accessories - Protect your maps with our ziplock waterproof map bags and weatherproof paper.

Trekking Books - Plan your next trekking adventure with our trekking books.

Globes - Have the entire world at your fingertips with our globes. We have inflatable globes, desktop globes and floor globes from Replogle.

Geochron Clocks - See the world's time at a glance with a Geochron World Clock, the beautiful time indicator that shows day and night across the world.

Trekking Equipment - Don't leave home without it! Our Trekking equipment includes ultra light hammocks and backpacks.

Trekking Clothing - Stay warm on and off the trails with our trekking clothes. Check out our Bridgedale socks, ideal for hiking and backpacking.

Trekking Accessories - Make your trip more comfortable with our trekking accessories, including stoves, digital cameras and mosquito nets.